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This cast on on is a long-tail cast on that looks great with 1x1 ribbing.

How To

Western Method

  1. Leaving a long tail, make a slipknot and place it on the needle. This is a knit stitch. Insert the left thumb and index finger between the strands, spread them apart, and turn them up to wrap the tail around the thumb and the working strand around the index finger.
  2. Swing the needle to the right and behind the back index-finger strand, and then forward into the index-finger loop.
  3. Bring the needle forward over the front index-finger strand, and then under the back thumb strand and up to catch it.
  4. Pull the strand back through the index-finger loop. Remove the index finger from the loop, insert it between the two strands of yarn, and move it away from you to tighten the stitch. This is the purl stitch.
  5. Insert the needle into the thumb loop as if to knit
  6. Catch the finger strand with the needle from the right.
  7. Pull the strand down through the thumb loop and remove the thumb from the loop. Insert the thumb between the strands, pull the tail toward you to tighten the stitch, and swing the thumb up to create a new thumb loop.
  8. Repeat steps 2-7, alternating a purl stitch (steps 2-4) and a knit stitch (steps 5-7), and end with step 4.

Tutorial Video

Matching Bind Off: 1x1 Rib Bind Off