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Read Charts

Working Flat







  1. Read right side (RS) rows from right to left and use the chart key instruction for RS rows. RS rows have the number on the right side of the chart.
  2. Read wrong side (WS) rows from left to right and use the chart key instruction for WS rows. WS rows have the number on the left side of the chart.
  3. Some stitches are worked the same way on both RS and WS of the work. They will only have one instruction in the key.

Working With Repeats








  1. The step instructions or the border label in the chart key may indicate a specific number of times to repeat the bordered stitches per row or round.
  2. “Stitch Pattern Repeat” in the chart key indicates a stitch pattern repeat to work until the number of stitches remaining on the needles before the next milestone matches the stitches to work on the chart before the next milestone. End of row/round and stitch markers are used as milestones to keep counting to the minimum.
    Pro Tip: For many stitch patterns, the edges of each stitch pattern repeat border are good locations to place additional stitch markers to check stitch counts on a per-repeat basis. Use stitch markers that are different from the stitch markers utilized elsewhere in the pattern to avoid confusion.
  3. Stitches outside of the stitch pattern repeat that are shaded and labelled as redundant are intentionally left in to show shaping, but are identical to the stitch pattern repeat stitches.