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July 1: Welcome and Thank You! (Click To Read)

Thank you so much for applying to test knit The Unlikely Pair!

For my test knits, you are test knitting a tech edited, beta version of the pattern. The pattern is formatted just like it will be for release, pending any updates based on your feedback. You are testing the knitter-friendliness of the pattern in whatever method you typically use them. If you print your patterns, please print the test knit instructions. If you use your patterns digitally, please use the pattern digitally.

The test knitting process is evaluating the final knitting experience, which to me is the most important part of a knitting pattern! Not the design. Not how many people knit it. Not whether it hits the “Top Right Now” on Ravelry.

The most important thing is having an individually confident knitting experience that leaves you feeling empowered and proud of what you knit.  My  motto is “Clear Patterns For Confident Knitting”, and your test knitting prowess helps me make that happen for knitters all around the globe.

Evaluate your knitting experience as if you were knitting it for the first time and hit me with your best (and friendly, please, I am only human) feedback and critiques.

Things I want to know about:

  • Inconvenient instruction splits over page breaks
  • If you need a magnifying glass to read something
  • Places to add tutorials (written or video)
  • Little additions you might find helpful
  • Something that you had to check or read twice to understand
  • Anything that made you doubt your knitting ability, even for a second
  • Really, any nitpicky thing that annoys you that might also annoy another knitter

If this is your first test knit with me, I wanted to give you a quick overview of how the test knitting process works.

  1. Select your yarn and swatch using the SWATCH 1 instructions. Wash your swatch and measure your gauge. You don’t have to get gauge to test knit, but I do need measurements to understand your results. The SWATCH 2 instructions are extra credit, but I would so appreciate it if one or two would test them out to make sure they are easy to use.
  2. Send me a photo of your completed swatch and your gauge measurements via Yarnpond direct message and I’ll send you:
    • The first piece of the pattern, if this is your first test knit with me. Once you have completed that piece, direct message me a photo of your project up to that point and I will send you the next piece of the pattern.
    • The full pattern, if you have completed all test knits that you have applied to with me.
  3. Work through the pattern, taking note of any confusing areas or issues. Please use the linked videos and tutorials if you are new to a technique. Please update your status in Yarnpond when you have reached the milestones. I will message you if I haven’t heard from you for one week and remove you from the test knit if I haven’t heard from you for two weeks, unless we had prior arrangements.
  4. If you have a question, issue, or concern, please submit them right away at: and I will respond as soon as I can.
    You can view all open and closed questions and issues, including issues you have submitted, at  or on the test knit dashboard.
  5. Before you block your project, please weigh your project for a final yardage count and take measurements (wingspan and center depth).
  6. Finish your project, take final measurements,  and photos. If you haven’t already, create your Ravelry project page and link it up to the test knit code (TEST-ALG-QTEZHL), rate the pattern on Ravelry, and tag your project with atlasknitssunvalleytestknit1
  7. Submit the final questionnaire at and voila! Your chosen pattern reward will be added to your Ravelry library ASAP, and the final version of the pattern will be added to your Ravelry library upon release. You’re done! 🙂 Great work, you savvy knitter, you.

Because I’m new to Yarnpond, I set up a dashboard page with information for you. This page is a one-stop shop for everything that has been communicated about the pattern. It has links to report issues, check the status of issues, and complete the final form (which is currently being created).

Links to the swatches and pattern will be sent out to you via direct message on Yarnpond, just like this message.

Again, thank you so much for your interest and participation in this test knit. My patterns would not be what they are without you.

For Confident Knitting,




Questions & Issues List

Helpful Videos Not Linked In Pattern

Cast On & Setup Row Walkthrough


When will you respond to my message?

I hold office hours for test knits from 9am-10am mountain time and answer messages as I am available in between office hours.